Secrets of the Da Vinci Code and the Sacred Feminine

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Sacred Feminine in The Da Vinci Code

Sacred feminine is the admiring and faith in the mysterious female power of sexual reproduction and female beauty. It also seems to have some relation to the so-called feminine mystique.

There are 75 books on and 2,460,000 Google searching results for sacred feminine.

It is the belief that woman, through their gift of reproduction are in fact closer to "deity" than men. It is believed that through the sacred feminine, man is allowed to experience one of the most spiritual acts that he can ever be subject to, that being intercourse. It is the yin and yang, men and women work together on a symbiotic circle, one cannot live without the other. Their connection/relationship is sacred. Together they are one, and together they can create the greatest miracle ever, new life.

In Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci Code", many references are made to the concept of the sacred feminine, and its diminished role in modern society compared to its highly prominent one in older belief structures. The plot itself is intricately woven around the concept of reestablishing the sacred feminine's place in the minds of society, more specifically, the role of Mary Magdalene.